Located in the valley of Leitzaran, crossed by the green path of the Plazazola and surrounded by mountains and lush forests, is the pretty village of Leitza. Both the town and the surroundings offer great possibilities for leisure. In addition its good location and communication allows the view of the most outstanding cities without large commutes.

Here are some of the highlights:

Leitza, the village

  • Houses of Leitza
  • House of the movie "8 Basque surnames"
  • San Miguel church
  • City Hall and the vilalge square
  • Laundry of Aiene
  • Houses built in stone and wood with beautiful balconies. There is a saying in Leitza that the houses are angry with each other.
  • Film scene; The good news, 8 Basque surnames, Dantza, Goenkale ...
  • San Miguel Church: Built at the end of the 17th century. Beautiful views of the surroundings and surroundings.
  • Town hall and square Euskal Herria: Center of the village. Market every Friday.
  • Other sites of interest; Aiene laundry, Iberian architectural set ...

In the environment...

  • Leitzalarre, natural monument
  • Recreation area Ixkibar
  • Santuario de San Miguel de Aralar
    Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar
  • Museum "Peru harri"
  • Leitzalarrea: Firs of Izaieta, legally protected as a Natural Monument.
  • Ixkibar: Recreation area equipped with tables, rotisseries and panels.
  • San Miguel de Aralar Sanctuary: One of the oldest and most rooted centers of spirituality in Navarre.
  • Other sites of interest; Peru harri (Park of the stone, Leitza), forest of Orgui...

Outdoor activities

  • Ruta Plazaola
    Bike routes on the Plazaola
  • Beginning of the river Larraun
  • Cueva de Mendukilo
    Mendukilo Cave
  • Parque Aventura Beigorri
    Beigorri Adventure Park
  • Mountain biking routes by the greenway of Plazaola: More than 50 km by the old railroad track that linked San Sebastian and Pamplona.
  • Walking routes: Wide variety of routes in the surroundings; Birth of Iribas river, Leitzalarrea, Viewpoint of Albiasu...
  • Mendukilo Cave: Stunning natural cavities full of magic and mystery.
  • Active tourism: Beigorri Adventure Park (special families).


  • Festivities of Leitza
  • Carnivals of Leitza
  • Orantzaro's day
  • Talo´s day
  • Festivities: They are celebrated from the 10 to the 15 of August, in honor to San Tiburcio.
  • Carnival: The fourth Sunday of January and the following Monday and Tuesday are celebrated.
  • Day of the Orantzaro (Olentzero): Exhibition in the houses and contest of Orantzaros
  • Other celebrations; Caceres, Cavalcade, Santa Agueda's Eve, stalk day...


  • Bacon talo with cheese
  • Grilled lamb ribs
  • Mushrooms in Leitzalarrea
  • Sheep cheese
  • Talo. Maize cake typical of the north of Navarre which is filled with chistorra, bacon, cheese, chocolate...
  • Lamb and veal meats are highly appreciated in the area.
  • Products obtained in nature; Mushrooms, chestnuts, mushrooms, blackberries ...
  • Other recommended products; chistorra, sheep's cheese, curd...

Web's of interest

In these websites you will find everything you need to know and enjoy Leitza and its surroundings.

Close to everywhere

  • San Sebastian/Donostia

  • To go to San Sebastian-Donostia: 34min. Take the dual carriageway A-15 towards Donostia-San Sebastian.
  • To go to Bilbao: 1h 24 min. Take the dual carriageway a-15 towards Donostia-San Sebastian and then take the A-8 highway towards Bilbao
  • To go to Biarritz: 1h 4 min. Take the dual carriageway a-15 direction Donostia-San Sebastian and then take the A-63 highway towards Bayonne.
  • To go to Pamplona: 40min. Take the dual carriageway a-15 towards Pamplona.
  • To go to Vitoria-Gasteiz: 1h 7min. Take the dual carriageway A-15 towards Pamplona then then take the A -10 direction Altsasua / Vitoria- Gasteiz and continues along the A1 to Vitoria- Gasteiz.